Digitally book and manage ocean freight services through a cloud-based platform with over 80 ocean carriers globally.

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Boost Productivity with Inter-Connected Modules

Access multiple functionalities on one platform for greater convenience.

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"CrimsonLogic Logistics provides us with the convenience to do everything on one platform.

The system guides you through every step, so you won’t miss a thing."

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1. Sailing Schedule Search

Search, plan and book with your preferred carriers

3. Shipping Instruction

Create, update and manage shipping information

5. Track and Trace

Monitor your shipments throughout

2. Freight Booking

Book your shipments  

6. Value-added services

Carbon Footprint Calculator, eVGM etc.

4. Bill of Lading

View and print electronic BL securely

360 Cargo Visibility  With
An All-In-One Dashboard

View and manage every stage of your ocean freight shipment.

Manage all your ocean freight needs on one platform.

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Connect to More Than 80 Ocean Carriers & LSPs

Work with your preferred carrier and access essential supply chain support services.

Plan and Achieve
Carbon Emission Goals

Calculate estimated end-to-end carbon emissions with Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Revolutionizing Ocean Freight Management.

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CrimsonLogic, part of the PSA Group, is a global technology company driven by innovation to digitalize and simplify global trade. With over 35 years of experience worldwide, CrimsonLogic specializes in technology-enablement in the fields of trade facilitation & compliance, port operations, government services and logistics. As a trusted partner to businesses, logistics service providers and governments, their tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of every client, enabling seamless and secure optimization of supply chains and operations.

Having pioneered the world's first single window trade facilitation system for Singapore, CrimsonLogic continues to drive digital transformation in global trade via cutting-edge technology, exemplified by the successful implementation of innovative solutions in over 40 countries worldwide.